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As one of the most prestigious hotels and spas in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we were approached to carry out renovation works on the existing outdoor swimming pool, and new build infinity pool, jacuzzis and water features.


Whilst the existing 1370 sq.m main swimming pool and mechanical equipment remained, the overall depth of the deep end would be reduced from 3.0m to 2.0m, with fibre-optic starry sky effect lighting spread throughout the deep end and selected areas of the shallow end.  In addition, the existing internal tiles would be replaced and the overflow channel grating replaced with a 'pietra serena' slot drain system.


As part of the extensive development of this beachfront hotel, an infinity pool was installed as a relaxation and leisure pool for the guests, with internal bathing deck and sun lounger plinths installed for guests to enjoy the relaxed setting.

LED striplighting and fibre optic starry sky lighting was installed to enhance the infinity pool, whilst the infinity channel was installed with dedicated LED striplighting and used as a separate reflection feature with architectural details in the cladding and washed white river pebbles on the base.

The initial concept of this pool was achieved and it is widely regarded within Bahrain as one of the best places relax on a weekend


Adjacent to the infinity pool, 2 No. Jacuzzis were installed for bathers to enjoy between going to the beach, the swimming pools and the various restaurants.  The Jacuzzis differ in size, but both incorporate hydromassage jets and air rings to provide the user with an exhilarating experience.  The edge design of the Jacuzzis mirrored that of the main swimming pool, with 'pietra serena' slot channels to the perimeter.


As part of the complete refurbishment to the external hotel areas, water features play a big part in linking the various swimming pools and Jacuzzis together, sprawling between the cafe's, beach and bathing areas.

Water Feature 1

A simple cascade wall water feature that sits next to the exquisitely designed Thai restaurant.  The water appears from a slot within the 15m long raised separation wall, disappearing into a pebble filled channel with LED striplights to define the channel edge due to the positioning along a pedestrian walkway.

Water Feature 2

A dry plaza, fully DMX programmable laminar jet water feature between the beach, infinity pool, jacuzzis and the main swimming pool.  Day to day the feature operates as a place for kids (and big kids) to enjoy, however the DMX programmable RBG lighting allows the feature to be programmed for special events and national holidays. The feature colours and nozzles heights have been adjusted and configured specifically for such events as Bahrain National Day and supercar launches by Mclaren and Ferrari, plus numerous private events at the Thai restaurant and infinity pool.

Water Feature 3

Actually, 2 separate reflection pools linked mechanically to utilise a single filtrations system.  These shallow reflection pools meander between the main swimming pool, Jacuzzis and one of the outdoor cafes, allowing bathers and diners alike to enjoy the tranquil feature.  At night the feature is enhanced with LED striplighting for both effect and to ensure that any hotel guests don't end up with wet socks.

Overall, the project has been a massive success for the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa, transforming it from a high end hotel with a slightly worn out outdoor leisure area, to the number one destination for people in Bahrain to enjoy themselves on hot summer weekends.

Reflection Feature

Main Swimming Pool

The Infinity Pool

The Infinity Pool


Dry Plaza Water Feature

Wall Cascade Feature

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