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With extensive experience in the design, construction and maintenance of water bodies we are able to work with the client, whether they be local councils, individuals, architects or main contractors from pre-contract to post contract and operation stages to include:

Co-ordination and advisory services

During the various stages of contract there may be a number of alterations or unforeseen circumstances that occur.  We are able to co-ordinate with the selected specialist sub-contractors to advise on the best methods to overcome any challenges or changes that may happen.

We are able to advise the client during the selection stage to ensure that the specialists sub-contractor chosen fully understands the scope of works and is able to carry out the works to the clients requirements.

Specifications and cost analysis

Based on the architectural details, we provide detailed specifications for civil, M&E works and finishes relating to the water bodies.


Working closely with a range of international suppliers we can propose equipment that meets the clients expectations.


Full budget and cost analysis can also be provided outlining various value engineering options for project feasibility.

Troubleshooting and assistance

From time to time things may go wrong with your Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi or Water Feature.  We can help by diagnosing the problems and proposing the best solution to resolve any issues.

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