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"Well done Matthew, I love what you have done.  I can rely on you my friend."


A genuine oasis of relaxation and tranquility.


Having worked on a number of other projects for the clients’ family members in Bahrain, I was approached to work closely with the client, acting as consultant and representative throughout the design, construction and commissioning stages, in order to achieve a perfect holiday retreat for him and his close family in the Seychelles.


The property has belonged to the family for a long time and considerable work was required to the villa itself as well as the external landscaping as a result of damage caused from the tsunami in 2004.


The client’s brief was clear and simple - to utilise the limited outdoor space to design an infinity pool which complements the exquisite setting of the villa and the beach.  Throughout the project my role was extended to advising on the design features and finishes of the villa itself, in order to ensure that the villa and external areas were designed in correlation with one another.

The infinity pool majestically sits with the villa in a setting that can only be described as paradise.  A tranquil and secluded beach villa that the family can enjoy for years to come.

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